We're looking for the weird. The experimental. The understated. The brave. Send us your form-bending, your multi-genre (or media–we’re fans of all types of composition, here), your truths that are itching to get out but that you maybe can’t say out loud quite yet. Send us whatever you consider to be some type of crossing–while we’re big fans of pieces that experiment with form, we also know that sometimes writing in any way about a difficult topic is an act of crossing boundaries in itself. 

We happily publish pieces by writers of all backgrounds and welcome the voices of women, LGBTQIA, people of color, and folks of any age. Our goal is to make The Crossing a space where you can read and share a variety of experiences and good, compelling writing.

Send us anything that would qualify as “creative nonfiction” (essays, memoir, etc.) Works about trauma, women’s experiences, LGBTQIA topics, essays from people of color, or works about experiences that are silenced/not easy to talk about. Flash essays, “found” essays (writing that repurposes other works), nonfiction that looks like poetry or visual art but isn’t. Essays that incorporate research (creatively). Lyric essays, braided essays, graphic memoirs/pieces accompanied with art or drawings. Essays with a digital component (design-wise, PowerPoints, tweets, using different font colors, strikethrough, whatever). One thing–we don’t have the capacity right now to publish files that require sound or other elements in real-time, like video (hopefully someday, though!). We’ll publish anything, really, that we like and that you consider to be a “crossing” of some type. Please tell us how you feel your work acts as a crossing in your cover letter.

Note: We’ll consider craft essays (please send these!), think-pieces, op-eds, etc. for our online features, but would like to keep completed issues dedicated to creative work.


Send us anything that plays with form, line breaks, themes, personas, or perspectives. Hybrid poetry. Visual poetry. Free verse (of course). Traditional forms such as sonnets or villanelles that do something new or deal with contemporary themes.

Send us your ideas and commentary on the craft, writing trends, good stuff that's out there, anything going on in the world to which we need to pay more attention. 

The Crossing